Solid Wood

Solid Wood Furniture

We believe that lasting furniture begins with solid wood. Many stores sell furniture that has the appearance of wood, but is fabricated with low-quality veneers and cheap components.

Here at Vintage Oak, we believe that our customers will appreciate a quality piece of furniture, constructed from solid wood and wood veneers, that will stand the test of time. That is why we only sell top-notch pieces of furniture that have been hand-picked from our vendors.

We also believe that solid wood furniture doesn't have to be expensive. We have a wide variety of wood furniture that rivals the cost of low-quality counterparts at other stores.

Solid Wood Dining Tables

Not everyone's dining room needs are the same. We offer a variety of furniture lines that take into account the uniqueness of each individual.

For many people, the proper size is the key. We can get tables as small as 42" or custom tables that will expand up to 168."

Others must find a particular color. We have many standard tables in the most popular colors of the times, but can also get custom tables in a variety of woods and stains.

If affordability is your primary focus, we have sets of a table and 4 chairs starting at: $500 and have affordable options for all size ranges and colors.

And one thing that is consistent at our store is fine quality furniture, and a knowledgeable staff that can help explain the why's and how's. We know that buying furniture is not something people want to do all the time, and so we'll help you find a piece of furniture that will fit your needs and last a long time.