New Product: Aristoshield

New Product: Aristoshield

Posted by Jill -Vintage Oak Furniture on Apr 6th 2018

We have recently begun offering a new wood care product that is classified as a "Protective Polish" that is recommended by our Simply Amish craftsmen. 

This product is designed to make the finish more resistant to scratches and marring. As a cleaner, it removes smudges and fingerprints--- and when used routinely its anti-static additive reduces dust build-up! But one of the more intriguing properties of this finish is the effect it has on the furniture's surface of increasing the finish's resistance to surface marring. The anti-static additive offers protection that greatly reduces the coefficient of friction by adding surface lubrication. The change in surface protection increases the resistance to surface marring and scratching. The polish also contains a slight coloration that decreases visibility of any existing scratches that might be in the finish. 

Because I am curious, I decided to try it out. We had a piece of furniture with deep surface scratches that made me want to cry (and lose my lunch) so I felt there would be no harm in testing it out to see if it really would reduce the appearance of the scratches. 

After the first application, I was disappointed because I couldn't really see a difference... I remembered that the instructions said the product could be re-coated, so I decided to try again. And again. And again. If my description sounds discouraging, it is only for dramatic effect because at this point I began noticing I was actually making progress. 

The polish comes in a spray bottle, so each "application" consisted of me spraying a squirt on the surface of the table, and then wiping it around to polish it. The polish is a liquid, not a grit or wax, and it has a very subtle color to it, which was only noticeable because I used a pure white rag, and after wiping it up, the polish on the rag appeared to be a mild amber color. It was not difficult at all, and the results were absolutely worth it. I probably applied polish 10 times until I got results that I was pleased with. I took before and after photos, but am not sure if the photograph accurately portrays the success I feel I had. At the beginning of the process I had 2 severely scratched spots on my table and the scratches were so deep they stood out as white against the dark wood stain. At the end of the process, I had to really look to find the scratches and try to catch the light "just right" so that they could be seen.

I was really happy with the results. :)

Due to the slight color of the polish it is not recommended for use on white finishes, but is fine for use with and other finish colors, even natural.

Many of our clients ask how to properly care for their wood furniture (which has been addressed in an earlier blog: ) and this product is a great tool that can be added to your wood care toolbox! It comes strongly recommended by our Amish craftsmen. 

This protective polish is:

Water - Based 

Does Not Affect the Sheen 

No Harsh Solvents    

No Bleach 

Can be Re-Coated