Caring for your Wood Furniture

Caring for your Wood Furniture

Posted by Vintage Oak on Oct 24th 2017

We often get questions about how to properly care for wood furniture. The answer can vary depending on what type of finish is on your furniture. Your Vintage Oak Sales associate can answer any of your specific questions at the store or over the phone, but we have put together some general guidelines below:

Many of our tables have protective top coats that act as a protective finish- so while you may be worried about special care on solid wood tables, the truth is that with these protective coatings, they are very durable. The biggest concern is heat, so never put a hot pan or serving dish directly on the table. Always use trivets or hot pads to protect the wood surface from extreme temperatures.

Moisture content is also important for solid wood furniture, so it is best to have a humidifier to maintain humidity levels in your home at around 40% to 60%. This humidity level is better for the health of humans too, and not just furniture :) Checking the humidity in your home is particularly important during the winter when the heater runs. Many furnaces have humidifiers built into them.

For day to day cleaning, a damp rag or soap and water will work just fine. 

 You can also treat your wood with polishes or waxes that help maintain the moisture in the wood. As a general rule, do not spray oils or polishes directly on the furniture, spray products onto  a rag and then apply to the furniture. You may want to apply a deep conditioner, like Howard's Feed-N-Wax, as the seasons change. An easy way to remember when to polish your table is to get in the habit of polishing when you change the filter on your furnace. 

We sell natural polishes, like Orange or Lemon oil, that create a nice shine and absorb in to the wood to moisturize it. If you prefer to clean your wood, and leave it with a matte finish, try a wood soap or wood cleaner instead of an oil.

It is important to avoid products that include silicone, as silicone can build up and create a film on your furniture. We sell an assortment of safe, reliable products for solid wood furniture and our Vintage Oak sales associates would be happy to go over proper care and use for any of our Wood Cleaning and Polishing Products

As a dealer of Top Quality home furnishings, we are committed to helping you properly care for your furniture investment. Talk to your Vintage Oak Sales associate today for more information on what products are best for your home furnishings.