Oleosa for pull-up leather

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Oleosa replenisher for pull up leathers

Oleosa is a specially formulated product for the particular needs of pull up or oiled leathers. Oleosa contains the necessary fat liquors used to create the unique feeling and effect of these leathers. Oleosa is a waterproof fatliquoring product that can be applied using a sponge or a spray gun. As well as giving the leather a soft, oily touch it also provides the leather with an excellent waterproofing effect.

Designed to be used on oiled or pull-up leathers to uniform the color, improve the softness, renew an oily touch and also remove scratches and fading due to everyday use. Oleosa may diminish the wax effects on some oil and wax pull up Leathers. It is best to pretest the product on a hidden area of the Leather to judge its effect on wax type pull-ups.